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a note of caution. the same spirit of cooperation and focus that has gotten us to this point with one will be an overwhelming vote i hope is unanimous. we need to keep going so that this isn't a casualty of the back and forth process in the house and senate. the senate played a large role in giving it in the first place. we need to make sure that it is not caught up in the larger dramas that occur around here that we can keep our eye on the ball and fix it. and i do want to say just one brief word about the pay for. it is illusory because it would cost far more than we would ever collect but we have to deal with the rules as they are. there are two proposals. one would tighten eligibility for the health care reform. the other would take away some unnecessary tax benefits to large oil companies that long ago ceased to have any impact on oil exploration or reducing price. but while i actually think the pay for from our side of the aisle dealing with the oil tax adjustment is superior, i think it is a practical matter. we are going to have to do both of these in the months ahead if we ar
go into the fund and could be used for maintenance and fine for using it for the dome and is beautiful and was a good use and unfortunately stiement san francisco does a good job of building and a poor job of maintaining. it is important for things that we have with our classic buildings and classic works of art that they be maintained and that may be a perfectly good use of those funds. the specific use of a specific nonprofit to utilize the funds and a little bit of caution on that. we have to have a lot of oversight to make sure it's certainly not that it isn't a very beneficial use putting an elevator in for accessibility and various other things and we are not getting art produced out of the funds. we're getting some other things. and that would have to be a supervisory to make sure it is exactly what we are, and the art commission review, again, that is something that would be up to the art commission i think as to how do they feel about that. i think there should be some review to the art and oz to the appropriateness. and i have certainly, this is not what' bef
center, who was trying to help low- income immigrants adjust to life in the u.s. new life after amnesty, a lot of people were not able to immigrate because of a lack of money. still to this point, i see a lot of immigrants who want to get their work permits. i ask them how long they have been here. sometimes they have been here since the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's. a lot of them are elderly who are ready to retire. i had 165-year-old man who is alone, no family -- a 65-year- old man who is alone, no family here, but he does not have any papers to get that social security that he has contributed to for 30 years. he will be homeless after working for many years. i faced this situation with my clients a lot. i help low income people. sometimes it is very difficult. sometimes i think about how small the world is a and i see how immigration laws are changing. immigration rates started about 40 years ago and i started to see my client to come to me. my husband has been here 10 years and all of a sudden, his employer is asking for a work permit. we have two children. we just bought a home. what ar
was conducted and completed. for high-risk cases, using investigators and those investigations. there are circumstances where it would be inappropriate for the department themselves to be involved in the investigation of the complaint. we received allegations against department heads and we go to great pains to investigate those complaints without involvement from the department had or their senior staff. that would be true conflict. fundamentally, i believe that the department of public works has -- organizationally, it should have the desire to police the use of vehicles by employees. i think it is appropriate that the human resources function, it is appropriate for them to investigate allegations of misconduct by their employees at this level. supervisor campos: on that note, is there a review or any oversight of the adequacy of the investigation? gosh we refer these low-level complaints to the department, they would send a response back to us. questions would be, what did you do? how did you conduct it and what is your recommendation? if that is consistent with what we have
called "reimagining equality." we are glad you can join us. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and every answer, nationwide insurance is proud to join tavis in working to improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: and the cahill is a professor for social policy, law, and women's studies at brandeis. she was employed at the eeoc. that led to her testimony on the supreme court confirmation hearings of clarence thomas 20 years ago. her newest book is called "reimagining equality, stories of gender, race, and finding home." good to have you back on this program. we were talking before you came on the air. with the advent of the internet and 24 hour cable
in the budget, this allows no the use of that non-recurring revenue to plug at all. supervisor kim: is this considered a one-time non- recurring revenue stream? >> you would have the policy explicitly allow the mayor and the board, as an eligible nonrecurring expense, allows you to make deposits to reserves. if we have non-recurring revenue, as the board of supervisors, you can choose those nonrecurring revenues and fund reserves. i do not know if that gets to your question. supervisor kim: kenny redefines be used to back fill ongoing expenditures? >> in years were the rainy day reserve is triggered, which is revenue is declining versus the prior year or versus the prior year peak, it allows the mayor and the board to appropriate money from the rainy day reserve equal to half the ballots in the reserve, and that money is explicitly intended to be for any purpose, including operating budget costs. supervisor kim: ok, thank you. >> this defines what discretionary revenue is. we tried that out to the charter. secondly, it excludes that that results in general fund savings or is backed
three, the monolingual chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't know that these computers are available to them, plus they don't know what is useful. >> there are so many businesses in the bay area that are constantly retiring their computer equipment that's perfectly good for home use. computers and internet access are helping everybody in the community and people who don't have it can come to us to help with that. one of the biggest problems we see isn't whether people can get computers through programs like ours, but whether they can understand why they need a computer. really the biggest issue we are facing today is helping people understand the value of having a computer. >> immediately they would say can i afford a computer? i don't speak any english. how do i use it. then they will start to learn how to do email or how to go back to chinese newspaper to read all the chinese newspaper. >> a lot of the barrier still is around lack of knowledge or confusion or intimidation and not having peop
. and i realize you go on all the time and i used to spend my christmases down here for hearings or at the board of supervisors when we were fighting the high rises. by christmas tree was the city hall christmas tree and this is an issue for people who will be out of town. this is so important. >> i am elizabeth from jones street, the only painted lady on the hill. and all three of us are concerned about what is happening with masonic. we want to examine all the issues involved and all of the paperwork and we truly feel that a continuance to january 12, -- this could be beneficial to the knob hill association and the people who are trying to put together their information. thank you very much. >> and is there any additional public comment? just come up. -- i am michael barrett of the knob hill association. i have lived here for 30 years. i don't understand why this is getting another continuance. this has been going on for three and a half years. i know that some of the people from the nob hill association say that we should do this in january. i say not to do this at all. this s
chief for making this happen for us. it was a long time overdue. we're very excited. chief? >> channel 26 is really taking a beating. [laughter] i am going to forgo the honor of cutting the ribbon. i will ask commander sandra tong who conceived of and was the first commanding officer of one of the first domestic violence sections in any police department in california to do the honors with mayor lee with these not so classroom-safe scissors. we will have you come forward and do the honors. [applause] >> good afternoon but i am kathy davis, executive director of bayview hunters point senior services. we run an adult health care center for 26 years. and like all of you out there, we want to continue to run our adult health care centers in san francisco, right? that is why we are here today. we're here to tell the governor to stop the elimination of adult day health care, right? ok. all right, now. we're very, very fortunate in san francisco, because we have an amazing director of our department on aging and adult services, as well as a wonderful neighbor who cares about senio
it is available thus far in seven languages with more to come, i'm sure. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. we will see you again tomorrow night. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a good one. >>> walter isaacson is here to talk about his fascinating new biography of steve job and we will find out when he is writing his biography of herman cain. >> got a number? >> 9-9-9. >> this is mitt romney calling. it really is. >> see if he has an answering machine or not. >> mitt romney calls but republicans don't answer. >> it is an answering machine. ♪ >> it is the anyone but romney day. >> the stall may be an eclipse. >> accusations of flip flopping. >> he takes one position one time, another position another time. >> i'm sorry if i created confusion. >> romney said he is 110% behind kasich's -- >> he said he fully supported it. >> i fully support the governor kasich's i think it is called question two in ohio. >> one day after he said he didn't have a position, it plays in to flip flop. >> the republicans have had a whiplash on th
, even suggesting that it would be impossible to pull off and questioning how iran would ever use a mexican drug cartels for a terrorist attack on american soil. but i would note, in the september 11 attacks from the 9/11 commission pointedly stated -- and this was their conclusions across the government, it was imagination, policy, and government -- capabilities and management. we do not believe leaders understand the gravity of the threat to our leaders completely understand the gravity of the threat? that is the essence of what we are trying to ask today. it appears to me that our government risks the failure of imagination. it may not fully be considering the gravity of the iranian threat. this is a game changer and represent crossing of the red line by iran. for many members of this kiddie-committee is not surprising. witnesses testified that iran, both directly and through it plot -- its proxy, hezbollah, had its tentacles from the entrenched in latin america, venezuela, and into mexico. one witness testified that hezbollah was sharing underground tunnel technology with the
and respect -- request staff come back to us with recommendations regarding the america's cup. >> ok, so withdrawn. second? all in favor? aye. any proposed? -- any opposed? >> i just ask that this is brought back to us and staff does further work regarding the america's cup, potential usage of the southern apron. >> director moyer, i think we all agree that this item needs a bit more work. we've been but to hear it again. -- we would love to hear it again. >> item 10. request approval of a resolution to authorize the executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the arts commission to locate a sculpture of harry bridges in the harry bridges plaza, located between the north and southbound lanes of the embarcadero roadway in front of the ferry building, across from market street. >> good afternoon, commissioners. on july 27, 1999, the port commission adopts a resolution naming the plaza immediately west of the ferry building as harry bridges plaza. the commission's resolution also called for a monument recognizing harry bridges and to direct a project sponsored to ret
that this administration does not want to use the terms radical islam about the people who are radical islamists. and when you get to digging a little deeper, you find out that the o.i.c., islamic group, figured out that we need to go on the attack and start calling anybody who mentions radical islam as an islamaphobe. and if you give universities, great universities, proud heritage in this country, massive amounts of money, you can also get them to teach seminars on this. you can get them to teach courses on this. and you can paint the picture that anybody, no matter how open-minded, no matter how well red and studied theyr you call them islamapho bmp es and maybe it will catch on and call radical islamists what they are. i don't know anybody that was in judiciary today that believes that muslims are terrorists. they're not. the only disagreement among those i know concerned about radical islam is whether the radical islamists, 1%, 5%, maybe a little more, some might say as much as 10%, but at least 90%, maybe 99% of muslim are peace-loving people. and if you have a muslim friend, they are your true frie
the u.s. economy outlook. and expectation that the u.s. central bank will take additional monetary easing measures. the dollar is currently trading between 75.69 and 75.72 yen. japan's central bank has decided to take additional monetary easing measures by expanding the amount of its asset-buying program. we report from bank of japan. >> reporter: the bank of japan held its board meeting on thursday and decided to raise the amount of the current scheme by five trillion yen to 55 billion tren. that's about $720 billion. the bank said the economies that recovered to the level prior to the march disaster and it's picking up. however, a slowdown in the overseas economies due to the european debt crisis and the appreciation of the yen are having a negative impact on japanese economy and the economy. the central bank said the expansion of the program is intended for buying long-term japanese government bonds. the major objective of today's move is to stem the strong yen. but the impact on the currency market is so far limited. whether this new measure is effective enough to help the japa
it takes us in a response. all the people that i mentioned. they are the same people and more that's going to be necessary it's going to be absolutely essential for us to bring all parties together to help recover, because it's important for us to remember why we're there. for the survivor. a lot of times people, a couple of years ago, myself included. used to call people victims. they were victims of a car crash. victims of a flood. victims of an earthquake. victims of having a heart attack. but when you think about it, and you change that around a bit, and instead of calling somebody a victim, they are a survivor. survivor versus victim. just calling somebody that. it makes a huge difference. i can speak from personal experience what a difference zwhraust terminology makes. so i mentioned a lot of people and how important it is to be part of a team. but the most important part of the team is the survivors and the public at large. by far, not even close everybody else is important. but the survivors and the public have to be the most important part of the team. they have to be involved in
support and assistance to you, the members, who have so graciously decided to join us today and for the next few days, with great breakouts from wonderful keynote speakers. certainly, a great opportunity to networking and figure out those best practices, sharing your knowledge with each other. we have done some webinars at low prices, you might want to check those out on our website. we also have a newsletter that has gotten quite a bit of circulation. we invite people to submit articles for that newsletter. about 14 months ago, we have less than 100 members. today we have grown to over 3000 members. established in 2003 to bring greater focus for latino leaders and educational issues. now more than ever in these trying times, the needy exists to further establish partnerships and provide training, and support, for administrators, superintendents, and educators for those that serve hispanic students. my favorite news story [no audio] immigration laws passed, cannot get tomatoes harvested? that was too bad. one of our major goals was to start a superintendent leadership academ
as a maritime facility with other ancillary uses. that is something that we examined and will have to reconcile. secondly, any plan for real occupancy, whether master tenant or master developer, would have to be trusted-verified. we would have to make certain that plans for re-occupancy would comply with that. we would also have to build land use plans for following procedures for competitive solicitation if we are going to have a master tenant or master developer. these are best practices that are laid out, both in terms of competing defined master tenants and developers, but also other policies and procedures at the port and city have put into place, involving competitive building, bidding for retail opportunities on the port -- even if it is just a restaurant. there is the recently passed maritime preservation policy. to designate as a maritime facility, we have to keep maritime uses. those are some of the overall policies. i also want to say, if we are in a master development situation and uses here contemplated are not the historic uses, there would have to be an environmental
clark, thank you for waking up with us, it feels chilly out there, yes, thank you, it is cool out there this morning and mostly clear skies, some higher clouds up above and the fog is disappeared, that is not the case this morning, 30s and 40s we will get ready, 60s and lower to mid-70s. >>> watch the san mateo bridge, we are watching it traffic is looking good, heading out to the bridge with no major problems. this commute looks good and that traffic is moving along nicely, let's go back to the desk. >>> well a tense situation, occupied protesters in oakland, right now san francisco police are on standby and these are live pictures from a staging area, we have seen some officers and they have reported they will be leaving the area couple of minutes ago to herman plaza. they boarded the area incase of any action and kraig debro is in oakland where demonstrators are still camped out and it has been relatively peaceful there. we begin with ms. wong, here is more. >> reporter: they are much smaller crowds than we have seen starting last night into this morning. within the last half
night. >> reporter: police are now telling us it with was a training exercise overnight that they never planned to sweep through this camp. but, everyone thought they were and it created quite a reaction here at justin herman plaza. as soon as word spread that police may be forcing people out of justin herman plaza the crowd here grew significantly. included city supervisors, a state senator and assembly member. demonstrators served as their human microphone as they addressed the crowd. >> do not need a violent confrontation. we look forward to working with everyone tonight. to get the message of occupy san francisco out. >> reporter: it appeared as if san francisco police were gearing up for something big. hundreds of officers were pull in overnight. and seemed to be ready to act on mayor ed lee's order to clear out this plaza because of sanitation and safety concerns. but they never showed up. which occupy sf protesters considered a victory. >> proceeded -- we succeeded in getting government and union support. and we succeeded in resisting police attacks. >> reporter: a police spokesm
rather than prepare for the weather would be irresponsible. joining us from d.c., luke russert and jonathan capehart. good morning -- it's afternoon, 30 seconds after. luke, i'll begin with you, what is the reaction to the president today. >> reporter: well, the reaction of the capitol hill, john boehner said he's trying to work with the president to find common ground on solutions they can both support to help the economy. the house passed today that one part of the president's jobs bill, that repeal, 3% holding tax that aç lot of businesses were unhappy with. john boehner mentioned the free trade agreement. when it comes to what the president wants to do for the future of the country and what house republicans want to do, there is still a very deep divide. there's absolutely no appetite from house republicans for a big stimulus package. the president wants close to what the jobs bill was. even when broken in pieces it meets a brick wall. there's not a lot of appetite at the white house with the gop, talking about the forgotten 15 job creating measures. a lot of those have t
contributor. i am glad to see him moving on to something where i know he will be helping us out. this one is even bigger, and i do not know if we have found a place to put it in the court. last week it was the golden gate bridge from fort baker. it has a combination of marines, coasties, and sailors, and i hope you will find a place to put this in the port. >> thank you very much. >> you folks, there has been terrific cooperation and i thank you for all that you have done to make fleet week so successful. >> thank you. it was definitely our honor. this will be prominently displayed nearby office, of course. >> any further comments on fleet week? >> my name is catherine hooper, with the fleet week association. when i was here last year -- here i go. [laughter] i said to watch out, because it would be bigger and better than ever, and it was. the general took a lot of what i was going to say. the amount of time that went into this, the amount of communication, the amount of relationship reform measurement , and the articles of the volunteers -- 75 that we can name, not to mention everyone do
of a narrative of a child in memory. an important family friend give us a dining table, very important, and we are excited about it. my little brother and i were 11, 14. we were realizing that they were kind of hand prints everywhere on the bottom where no one would really see, and it became this kind of a weakening of what child labor is. it was almost like an exercise to show a stranger that feeling we had at that moment. >> the second thing the exhibition covers is how the allocation is defined, a great example on the theme, sculpture called mexicali culture. another bay area artist who has done residencies in china and also to what, mexico. where immigrant communities really helped define how businesses look of a business' sign age and interior decoration, her sculptural piece kind of mismatches the two communities together, creating this wonderful, fantastical future look at what the present is today. first topic is where we can see where the two communities are intersecting and where they start colliding. teresa fernandez did a sculptural installation, utilizing the ubiquitous blue, whit
.but, prosecutors ainted bishop aa a killer and used his own words to prove it.referring o his nickname which he admitted to police.listen in... "what does sck mean, stone cold kiiler, stone cold killer" "he's never been in trouble beeore never been arrested he just got caught up in somthing he shouldn't have been caught in."four others have already been found guilly in the plot. karla porrer is the only person accuued ho still faces trial. assfor bishop... he will learn his ffte today..gian jurors decide between the deatt penalty or liff with out in baltimore county, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a 14 year old girl issraped by &pseeeral men in west baltiomre... and police need your help.. finding he suspectt this morning. happened at the intersection of leslie and school streets around 4-30 sunday fternoon.police say the girl needed ddrections when the driver of a tan van offfred her a ride.the victim says she was then sexually assaulted by áseveralá men... in the van. p3&"right now we're focusing on attempting to locate this van....where it sort offblendss in
>>> thank you for joining us, i'm j.c. hayward. testimony in the brittany norwood murder trial is underway in rockville. norwood has been charged with killing her co-worker, jayna murray inside the lululemon shop in bethesda and then lying to investigators about what happened. surae chinn is joining us now from the district court in rockville with the latest on today's events, surae? >> reporter: well, j. c. testimony is going on the right now -- on right now in the courthouse behind me. the detective who interviewed brittany norwood multiple times. the jury now listening to at least 50 minutes of recorded interviews. i have now legal expert jim shalleck joining us now. premedication? >> exactly right. was this a premeditated murder or a spur of the moment outburst where the defense lawyer says she lost it during a fight at the shop? >> reporter: the jury really has to decide is this going to be murder one, murder two, life in prison or 30 years in jail with the chance of parole after 15. >> the jury will never know what the penalties are, the judge will tell them not to consid
morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. you can almost feel it in the air downtown san francisco demonstrators have seen numbers surge overnight based on rumors they would be the next withins to clash with police. some have come from oakland, -- that's where amy hollyfield is live right now. what do we know? >> reporter: the feel is very different than what it has been at other times, other mornings. right now it is a huge crowd. some have gas masks on. a lot of music played. there's a lot of energy here. lots of signals that these people are not going to leave willingly. video we shot earlier, this was last night. what appears to be police gearing up for some kind of activity. police officers have not descended on the camp. now everyone is just waiting. five members of the san francisco board of supervisors showed up during the night with other state and city officials to show support for occupy sf movement. they thanked everyone for coming out and they say belief in everyone's first amendment rights. police have told the protesters this campsite violates
for "60 minutes." rising tuition costs are driving students deeper into debt. dean reynolds tells us why some believe it will only get worse. and in a state with high unemployment, ben tracy on why there are thousands of jobs with no workers to fill them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting from seattle. >> pelley: good evening. from the emerald city. at a time when there is so much anger in the streets of america over wall street greed and corporate corruption, we begin tonight with one of the biggest wall street insider trading cases ever. at a time when many americans were losing their 401(k)s, prosecutors say rajat gupta was leaking secret corporate information to a hedge fund tycoon so that that tycoon's fund wouldn't suffer the same fate. gupta was in a perfect position to do that inside the board rooms of some of the country's biggest corporations. the result, prosecutors say, was that the hedge fund made millions while ordinary americans got soaked. justice correspondent bob orr has our story. >> reporter: as a board member for p
the subjects got stronger after going diving. kind of completely blew us out of the water. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. if you were looking for the day the economy began to rise, today could be a contender. the government told us that growth accelerated in the third quarter-- and have a look at the trend. growth in the first quarter was 0.4%. in the second quarter, 1.3%. and today's number 2.5%. that's still weak, but there is a hint of momentum. earlier today, the europeans worked out a plan to contain their debt crisis and that sent markets surging. for october, the dow is up more than 11%-- on track for its largest one-month percentage gain in 25 years which brings us to our favorite picture of the day: a man on a german trading floor. too much optimism in that face? maybe. 14 million americans are still out of work. so we turn for perspective to anthony mason at the new york stock exchange. anthony? >> reporter: that huge rally this month, scott, has pushed stocks into positive territory for the year. the 2.5% growth
and interest on these bonds. the bond funds would be used to repair and replace major building systems including electrical, heating wat, water, security, and fire sprinklers. remove hazardous materials. improve accessibility for people with disabilities. make necessary seismic upgrades. replace permanent structures and perform other work necessary to apply closure -- codes and regulation . they can't pay for teachers and administrative salaries or operative expenditures. >> hi, my name is melissa griffen. and a member of the league of women voters of san francisco. >> proposition b authoress the city to authorized to hundred $48 million in bonds to improved street structures such as bridges. this would come with an increasing property tax, if needed, to pay for those improvements. the city is responsible for maintaining about 850 miles of streets. a study shows about half of the streets any major repairs. the city can only use this bond money to pay for and repairs city streets. it will improve lighting, sidewalk extensions, trees, and landscaping. renovation programs to increase safe
today to commemorate our community celebration since loama created us. i think all of you here in the audience if you were anywhere in the bay area 22 years ago, have stories tell us about the earth shaking. i, myself, had a 4-year-old son who came running into the house to tell us mommy, mommy, the earth is moving. i was watching the early baseball game and hadn't even felt it. so it shows where my mind was anyway, i think we're going to learn today the whole approach to disaster recovery. we all know about preparedness and the initial recovery phases, but really we're talking about resiliency and how quickly we bounced back after this big one. we have lots of dignitaries in the audience today, our keynote speaker from fema. nancy ward who is our region nine fema director. we have cal e.m.a. here, mike dayton and his staff. chief greg sir and they brought their whole command staff. we have many nert scroll teers. nert was a group that came about from 9/11 i mean -- shows where my mind is. from loma prieta. we have a lot prepared for you and i want to welcome our two chiefs up.
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thanks for joining us. >> coming up, all eyes are on brussels as leaders meet to hammer out a deal they hope will result the iraq crisis once and for all. there is a lot at stake for everyone. it could be a very long night. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a make or break summit in brussels to deal with europe's debt crisis is already making headway. to avoid a meltdown in the banking sector, leaders have agreed european banks must increase reserves to withstand potential losses. officials also say leaders intend to increase the amount of money in the bailout fund. the leaders are eager to show that are committed to finding a lasting solution to europe's debt problem. >> the meeting of all 27 members produced results as far as how much capital banks should hold with risky investments. >> banks will be required to have 9% core capital. this will have to happen by june next year. >> few observers expected such rapid results. heads of state and government appeared happy with the outcome, but the b
shower and out towards columbia, most of us here just cloudcool temperatures, generally 50s. not done with rain yet, bigger picture out to the west, west virginia, greenyellows rolling in from the west more rain shower activity, so rain will be sort of on and off here throughout the day, bring along an umbrella and be ready for showers although it will not rain every minute as the storm system, spotty in nature. regan national, 58, 58 baltimore, 59 winchester, 63 fredericks burg expect highs in mid-60s lots of clouds around and again showers in the forecast, particularly during the morning hours i think things will lighten up later today lots and lots of cool air on the way, 5 day forecast i will have that for you coming up in a couple minutes. back upstairs to you. >>> thanks tuck day 4 of the lululemon murder trial in maryland, testimony expected to pick back up any time now. >> surprises during opening statements, fox 5s. stacy cohen live with more chef >> the trial just started with opening statements it has already been pretty dramatic montgomery county state's attorney
this crime. do not leave us without the center. and if you ask me what it means to me, i will answer. it gives life. do not leave us without life. do not take life away from your parents and grandparents. do not leave us without this sort of life, and do not leave me with out the center. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> all right, now sue is going to assist the less talked about stepping stone presentation adult day health. -- is going to talk to you about stepping stone presentation adult day health. [applause] >> [speaking foreign language] >> i think everyone for giving me this opportunity to share my experience. and from china, i came for 20 years. i used to work for a health care center. i was in a severe car accident. i had a head trauma and had several fractures. 911 send me to the emergency room. i was in a coma for three days. three surgeries, six hours. i still have many metal pieces in my body. 40 days in the hospital. they wanted to send me to the nursing home. there was a long waiting list for the nursing home. i had to go to a hotel. a health-care worker came to visi
don on insurgents. secretary hilton told congress whole the u.s. are adversaries and allies, it's a relationship that is growing more complicated every day. since the afghanistan war began, the u.s. and pakistan have been uneasy allies. the fragile friendship is showing more signs of breaking down. >> we're all balancing the two realities. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clintonel to congress pakistan's spy agency is supporting a terrorist group called the hakani network, attacking u.s. troops in pakistan and afghanistan from safe heavies in pakistan. >> pakistan's leadership must join us in squeezing thes in thework. >> reporter: while senior u.s. officials incests pakistan continues to harbor terrorists, the former president claims that pakistan is ino sent. >> i am 500% sure that i did not know, whether anyone believes it or not. >> reporter: in meetings with current pakistani leaders, she made it clear the u.s. will not tolerate anymore attacks on u.s. interests in afghanistan. >> i made it clear to the pakistanis that the attack on our embassy was an outrage. >> rep
charts, and i believe the draft is in your packet as well, that details what uses will be allowed and what we are planning to do there. one significant factor is in the ncd, we're looking for an increase in residential density. we do take seriously that the city and the region has growth pressures, and we're proposing to allow a 1-400 ratio in the neighborhood commercial district for residential. we believe that, with unit mix requirements and other basic limits on residential buildings, that this will not cause a decline in the housing stock that is available, but it will allow folks like young people who are coming in for their first home and independent seniors who want a smaller home to find housing of that nature in japantown. we also have the pressure of trying to find homes for families, which requires a larger footprint. so we're trying to and be as wise as we can and take into consideration the concerns that there in existence regionally and to be supportive, but again, to respect the fabric of our community. one of the other key issues is parking. and for residential par
protesters and police got ugly. not even news crews were spared as they used tear gas to break up the crowd. >> i think it's obvious the oakland police department is lying through their teeth about exactly what went down. >> reporter: today demonstrators showed off some of the devices they say were used on them, including bean bags, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. >> watching my brothers and sisters in the street running from the government, shooting at them and attacking them. i sort of feel strange today. >> reporter: demonstrators held a vigil outside the plaza for a man they say was critically injured in last night's protest. this man says he got hit with a rubber bullet when he tried helping the veteran who he says was hit by a tear gas canister. >> i know there's a lot of angry people out there and everything. but there's peaceful people too. and you don't have to hurt us, you know? i've never done anything to anyone. >> there's a huge community people built right now. they think fences and police officers and batons and weapons are going to break that up on? it's only going to
money or your life," you choose to hand your money over. >> tom: and back in the u.s., the economy does more than limp along, taking the threat of recession off the table for now. >> the message is that the economy is still recovering. it's a slow growth recovery, it's a bumpy one, but the recovery is ongoing. >> tom: it's "nightly business report" for thursday, october 27. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: good evening and thanks for joining us. susie gharib remains on assignment. we have good news from both sides of the atlantic ocean today, pushing major stock indices into positive territory for the year. it was a big day of buying for shareholders. the dow rocketed up 339 points to close above 12,000 for the first time since early august. the nasdaq shot up almost 88 points. the s&p 500 rallied more than 42 points. big board volume spiked to just under 1.5 billion sha
to link it to your music today. such a rich legacy that you are giving us. you mentioned to me that you are working on a new album. could you share what is coming up? >> i love to dream when i am awake. kand so i had this dream of working with india arie and yo- yo ma to do the george harrison saw; and "-- song. this is the definitive way to do this. we are all in it together, we do not leave anybody out. t conviction, i am one of the few people that you can recognize by one note. god gave me that universal tone, and that is what we want to implement in all the songs. thank you. >> carlos santana, thank you for accepting the 2010 mayor's part award. >> to watch the ceremony, visit the home page of the arts commission website, sfarts commission >> good evening, and welcome to the meeting of the board of appeals. chris wong will be absent this evening. to my left is the deputy city attorney. she will provide needed legal advice this evening. i am the executive director. we are joined our representatives of the planning department. we are joined by joseph dufty, the senior building inspect
to social services. it would bring in $50 million for the current year that we could use to the extent that we have a more severe state impacts, a federal impacts, or we can -- and i think i would like us to consider keeping it in holding onto it knowing that we have an ongoing problem in 2013, 14, and 15. president chu: did you say the pension ballot reform was worth? take a there i>> there is no es not so much for the current year, but for next year. supervisor chu: and what was the amount? to go about 43 million. -->> about 43 million. supervisor chu: thank you. >> the most serious risk to the current year budget is the impact from federal and state budgets. we have a $50 billion general fund reserve, but as we all know, we have in excess of $50 million in potential impacts to us that we need to think about before we start tapping into that budget. the mayor has already introduced legislation to use some of that reserve. i will talk about that in a second. we do have some serious impacts that we're monitoring and are concerned about. the biggest one would be the redevelopment, the s
the search for a killer of an iraq war veteran. jackie bensen starts us off tonight. >> reporter: alonzo was an older student who came to howard last year on the gi bill after serving with the u.s. marine corps in iraq. in the year he was here he made a lot of friends and they are in shock tonight. >> it's sad to see someone go so young with so much potential. >> reporter: thomas played on howard's baseball team with alonzo. he can't believe the teammate is gone. >> just a cool guy to be around. he cracked jokes all the time. that was my buddy. i just seen him last week. that's the crazy thing about it. and then you get the news today and you will never see him again. >> reporter: along do was shot to death just after midnight on tuesday in mount rainier maryland. the police chief said it was a robbery gone bad. he was a sophomore music major at howard. this is the youtube video of a musical group he founded and wrote songs for. friends say he had it all, good looks, intelligence, talent and ambition tempered with humility and a desire to help others. >> his presence was big in the build
's what they would have us believe. overseas, a big debt deal for the eurozone, writing down 50% of the greek debt, which 100% of which will never be paid, at the same time, inventing, literally inventing, much like our own federal reserve at the european stability fund, $1 trillion new that came from i don't know where, nobody does, to fund the bailout of the foreign debt, is the sovereign debt, here in europe. meantime, here at home, numbers on our gross sovereign product have an accelerate. keep in mind, the gdp is a number that dates to the depression era that simply numb measures the number of transactions in our country, but does not measure what those transaction is for. so a transaction that steals money is a equated to a transaction that creates value. in this instance, we're looking at extraction in this country, which looks like it's getting a little more busy. we've, of course, fired up the extraction machine again, using all of this invented money that's being funneled into our systems, the trillion dollars out of europe. and as evidenced by today's rally on wall st
lighter to occasionally moderate rain with us now, the heavier stuff is in west virginia, ohio, kentucky. it's moving east right toward us. so give it a few hours and the rain will be picking up in intensity. live doppler 9000hd lots of light to moderate rain showers. not much going on in southern maryland or south of warrenton yet but this will pick up and our temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. let's go over to monika samtani who will update us on the morning commute. >>> we'll look at the beltway which is looking great. all that construction i was showing you earlier this morning should be pretty much cleared out. things are looking fine all around town. we're going to zoom in first to virginia. all the speed limits look good on 295, 395, 66 inside the beltway. i think we can deal with that. let's go live right now on the northbound side of i-95. if you're coming up from dale city up toward woodbridge and the occoquan river right now, there are no delays. it's a good time to head out. let's go back out to the maps and this time into downtown. we're looking good along constitution
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